AID FOR SAMBURU was formed following a documentary on BBC2 in March 2013 called "Toughest Place to be a Farmer". In the programme Richard Gibson a dairy farmer from Devon experienced living with the Samburu tribe in North East Kenya. Their farming revolves around herding cattle/goats in a very arid region. Water is a massive issue for themselves and their animals and drought can leave them destitute. Following the programme the charity has raised funds for a borehole with a network of tanks, pipes solar powered pumps and supply points to support approx 1600 people and livestock. This was completed in 2016 following the drilling of the bore hole on 26th October 2015. We now continue to fund raise for further sustainable projects within the community and for the ongoing maintenance of the present water project.

We understand the drought is really biting now and not only is the borehole serving the immediate community but people and vehicles are coming from miles around to fetch water. Read Gordon’s and Anne’s report here Here are some pictures of Gordon’s and Anne’s visit      

As always a fantastic turnout for this event. Our local supporters are really behind this cause and we raised over £1700 along with additional donations. Two of our original supporters Gordon and Anne have just recently been to Kenya and visited the water project. They returned just in time to join us for the night […]

On June 12th 2016 we landed in Nairobi eager to see the village of Mpagas, all involved in implementing the project and the project itself. This was the culmination of over three and a half years of fundraising. This time, as our trip was not under the umbrella of the BBC we could enjoy the […]

Work progressing well on digging / laying pipes to supply points and protecting the borehole.

Following major delays the drilling rig finally arrived and hit a massive supply of water at 48 metres. This is about 8 to 10 times more water than required for our project. The water is of good quality. The villagers were quick to arrive on the scene and the thirsty livestock enjoyed the water first […]

On the 4th/5th February the drilling team went to Mpagas and conducted their drilling and environmental survey. Once the official report is back we will get a timeline for the rig to head up to site. Here are the pictures of the visit.    

The Borehole Survey which included a meeting with the villagers to discuss their needs was carried out on 13th September 2014.

Aid for Samburu featured in the Media Toughest Place to be a farmer was screened on 17th March 2013 on BBC2. The programme on Richards adventure in a remote area of Kenya led to the Charity “Aid for Samburu”. Click to see the Farmers Weekly article. Reporter Rachel Jones from Farmers Weekly interviewed Richard for […]

Richard meets Lemergichen who hosted his stay in Samburu.