Richard Gibson a dairy farmer from Nether Woodburn Farm, East Anstey in Devon was selected by the BBC for a documentary titled 'Toughest Place to be a farmer' screened on 17th March 2013. Having been selected in August he was sent to Heathrow airport in September and only told then that he was going to Northern Kenya. The whole experience involved living with the Samburu tribe in one of the villages with a host family. Their farming revolves around herding cattle and goats in a very arid region (there had been no rain for a year) and finding water and grazing to ultimately keep their animals and themselves alive. These are a resilient and resourceful people and by raising money through 'AID FOR SAMBURU' for the provision of sustainable water this would significantly enhance their lives and be extremely important if drought conditions continue to prevail.

Huge support on a very wild and wet night with Oakford Village Hall packed. £1415 raised which was tremendous and we all enjoyed a good night out.

Following major delays the drilling rig finally arrived and hit a massive supply of water at 48 metres. This is about 8 to 10 times more water than required for our project. The water is of good quality. The villagers were quick to arrive on the scene and the thirsty livestock enjoyed the water first […]

August 1st 2015 Our Clay Pigeon Shoot was a success with experienced and young shooters alike taking part.

FUND RAISING TO 1ST APRIL 2015 EAST ANSTEY CHRISTIANS TOGETHER 19 TH MARCH 2015 A talk from Dave Thomlinson on “How to be a bad Christian and a better human being”. West Anstey village Hall was packed and £500 was raised for funds. AFRICAN QUIZ NIGHT OAKFORD VILLAGE HALL 7th FEBRUARY 2015 A traditional quiz […]

On the 4th/5th February the drilling team went to Mpagas and conducted their drilling and environmental survey. Once the official report is back we will get a timeline for the rig to head up to site. Here are the pictures of the visit.    

Another successful year with local events. During 2014 Richard continued to give talks to interested clubs etc FUNDS RAISED TO DATE OVER 50K 26th NOVEMBER 2014 Delighted that Bray Capital and Stanton Fisher donated generously and this enabled us to proceed with the project. 19th NOVEMBER 2014 Meal a Day is a charity that has […]

The Borehole Survey which included a meeting with the villagers to discuss their needs was carried out on 13th September 2014.

PROJECT PLANS 01/11/2014 Initial plans were to build a reservoir by partnering with the Samburu Trust (ST). However after lengthy discussing with Julia of the ST it has been decided that this type of project would not be suitable for this part of Northern Kenya. The main reasons are as follows: Sandy and rocky area […]

FUND RAISING TO 3O TH NOVEMBER 2013 WE HAVE RAISED   £33,219.96 THIS INCLUDES 2 PLEDGES Thank you to everyone raising funds for the Charity. Here are pictures of Young Farmers Clubs, our vets who ran a half marathon and The Sundown Country and Western Dance Club.