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Richard meets Lemergichen who hosted his stay in Samburu.

5 thoughts on “Richard meets his host

  1. Hi Richard and Heather,

    GREAT website! Have really enjoyed your pictures and account of your time with the Samburu. We will certainly be watching BBC 2 on the 17th.

    We would very much like to support your fund raising efforts for this worthy cause.

    Thank you & well done!

  2. Sarah Ogley says:

    Wow! Really enjoyed watching this episode. Brings it home just how lucky we are in the UK. Donation coming your way. Please let me know when they get a well. I cant wait for them to have a slightly easier life.

  3. David Duncan says:

    Hi Richard
    I searched through google to find this website and was relieved to find a simple and easy way to donate to these remarkable people whom we have much to learn. I am thankfull that you have created this website and would like to see the face of the samburu farmer who housed and cared for you even though they had so little. I appreciate you working hard to gain donations and this is the way we average joes can help the world. thank you.

  4. Ellie says:

    Hi Richard,

    Just googled you to find this website! Your episode has just finished being aired in Australia and I was blown away. In fact it brought me to tears just how inspiring these people are. So glad you are fundraising for a well, let us know when you achieve your goal 🙂 Ellie

  5. Doug Gallacher says:

    Hi Richard,
    Brilliant insight to the plight of these tribesmen and women,wonderful people,
    I also thought you handled your “out of the box” adventure admirably, well done.
    Your idea of constructing a well for them is brilliant.
    Please let me know how it all goes.
    The very best of luck and thoughts Richard,Donation on its way.

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