Home » Project Update » RAINS FINALLY ARRIVE 29TH APRIL 2017

It has been just about a year now since any decent rains have arrived. In the meantime the water project has really delivered and kept people and livestock alive not only for the immediate area but for well beyond.
The warriors have been able to keep the cattle alive by digging up  a large bulbous root and they have also been climbing high up into the trees for any greenery.
Throughout this spell of dry weather the Milgis Trust have continued to oversee the project along with the water custodians in the borehole compound. Back in the Autumn the baboons attacked one of the header tanks which needed to be replaced and protected with a wire cage. No mean feat as transport is a big issue in this remote area and a great deal of manpower was needed to get the tank up a steep incline and onto the granite outcrop. And still the water ran from the remaining tank and no time was lost in noticing the problem.
So we continue to stand by this project with our partners the Milgis Trust. The villagers have a good source of clean water now and it will be a good insurance policy until the next dry spell.